May 9, 2016

Cyber Security

Network Security

Not too stressed about network safety and privacy?
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In today’s ever-connected computing environment even the best virus scanners and firewalls do not prevent the bad guys from gaining access to your valuable data. The truth is, the weakest link to gain access within your network is your employees.

This new scenario begs some important questions…

  1. How are you educating your employees?
  2. What policies have you implemented
  3. Are you routinely testing your employees and keeping them up to date on the latest threats and tactics used by the bad guys?

You’re smart to be concerned because unfortunately, malicious code plus well meaning but uneducated employees can create massive downtime and damage to your internal IT system.

As a business owner, the responsibility falls on your shoulders to ensure your company is protected from these very real internet threats.

At Fortress Networx, we implement a comprehensive solution (policy, education and enhanced end-point protection for starters) that protects your business’ entire network. It provides the additional layers of protection that can’t be ignored today, as well as added peace of mind you desire.

With our new, Fortress Enhanced Full-Shield Protection Plan, we block upwards of 99% of Internet threats. Combined with our Monthly Maintenance support package, our clients are protected with complete 24/7 monitoring.

Reduce the threats — reduce the stress – guaranteed.

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